Clinic for integrative medicine

We offer the following therapies:

The oncolytic viral therapy RIGVIR is the world's first approved oncolytic virotherapy medicine for the treatment of melanoma, local therapy of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, prevention of relapse and metastases after surgery.

Buserelin therapy, the main pillar in our treatment of cancer: Growth of the malignant tissue is halted by means of a sex hormone blockade and cancer- inhibiting action directly at the tumour cell, even in the case of tumours that are not hormone-sensitive. 

Gentle surgery, only minimally invasive where possible, and in most cases only under local anaesthetic

naturopathic complex programme for optimal surgery preparation, for metastasis prophylaxis and for activation of the body's defence in the best possible way

Local or regional thermotherapy, or full-body thermotherapy, synergistically linked to (in interaction with) the buserelin therapy

We also use the prostate hyperthermia (transurethral), which we have good experiences.

In individual cases: Targeted radiotherapy outside of the clinic

Acupuncture, neural therapy, electrotherapy

Physiotherapeutic applications

Autogenic training

Detoxification and purification therapies, including therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr, cancer-inhibiting diet taking into account all types of diets

Presentations by doctors and doctor/patient discussions on the topics of overcoming disease, changing diet and self-help


Clinic Marinus am Stein

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