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RIGVIR® is the world's first approved oncolytic virotherapy medicine for the treatment of melanoma, local therapy of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, prevention of relapse and metastases after surgery. 

In clinical practice RIGVIR® is also used for other types of cancer, based on the individual judgment of the physician: melanoma, stomach cancer, colorectal, pancreas, kidney, uterus, bladder, lung, prostate and several types of sarcoma. 

RIGVIR® is a live, adapted, non-pathogenic and not genetically modified virus. The vial does not contain antibiotics, stimulants, potentially toxic substances. 

RIGVIR® is administered intramuscularly according to personalized treatment protocols. Virotherapy is usually ambulatory and has mild if any side effects. It is important to consult a certified virotherapy specialist to achieve the best possible result. 

RIGVIR® was approved in Latvia (an EU member state) in 2004 for cutaneous melanoma therapy. RIGVIR® is fully reimbursed for Latvian cutaneous melanoma patients and included in the national guidelines for skin cancer and melanoma treatment. Since 2015 RIGVIR® is registered in Georgia. Since 2016, Rigvir is also registered in Armenia

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