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Gentle surgery

In accordance with our treatment maxim, aimed at helping the cancer-ridden body to free itself of malignant cells, we naturally also use surgical interventions - but only as far as is necessary and where these interventions can be performed in a gentle manner. 

We generally avoid so-called radical surgery, e.g. the removal of the prostate gland in the case of prostate cancer, or the breast in the case of mammary carcinoma. In our experience, healing is seldom guaranteed after radical surgery; rather the affected patients are often left with significant bodily defects and in most cases also severe psychological disadvantages. We are of the opinion that if gentle excision surgery is not possible, it is not advisable to seek the solution in surgical intervention, but rather to concentrate on other therapy options. 

If we recommend surgery to patients, we always recommend the appropriate preparation as well. And this does not only mean best possible conditioning and stabilisation of the patient - as is generally required and common - but more importantly, pre-operative reduction or separation of the tumour from the surrounding tissue. Here we apply our naturopathic complex programme as well as buserelin therapy, often also in combination with local thermo therapy. Favourable changes in the margin of the tumour achieved in this way allow us to cut away "minimally into healthy tissue" without increasing the risk of recidivism and metastases. Targeted administration of buserelin before the cancer surgery has in any event been shown to reduce the risk of metastasis, which can never be entirely excluded. 

According to our principle of cutting away "minimally into healthy tissue", we would like to rob the organism of as few healthy cells as possible. We do not believe that the greater and more comprehensive the area the surgeon cuts away, the less likely it is that the cancer will return. This also determines our strategy in terms of the removal of affected lymph nodes. Naturally, cancerous lymph nodes should be cut away where possible. We do not perform general "cleaning out" of entire regions of the lymphatic system, such as the entire armpit in the event of breast cancer surgery, just to be on the safe side. 

Particularly in view of the constant risk of metastasis, we also make use of modern as well as seemingly dated methods of surgery without bleeding or only minimal bleeding: Laser surgery (especially in the case of bladder and colorectal tumours, but also in the case of skin tumours and benign prostate enlargement), ice anaesthesia (cryogenic surgery for skin tumours, amongst others), and even constriction (in the case of skin tumours often in combination with cutting, laser or ice anaesthesia). 

For us, a gentle surgery procedure also means using a local anaesthetic instead of a general anaesthetic where possible. In this way, the circulation of our patients takes far less strain, as do their central nervous system and their immune system.


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