Clinic for integrative medicine

Our costs range as follows:

1. inpatient treatment:

the costs amounts approximately between 5,500 € and 6,000 € per week including accommodation, full board, medical costs, medication, infusions, etc. These costs could vary, depending on the therapies required. Our medical services are calculated according to the medical fee structure (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte - GoÄ-Germany).

2. outpatient treatment:

the costs amounts approximately between 3,000 € and 3,500 € per week for the treatment and medication. The same as inpatient treatment, medical services are calculated according to the medical fee structure (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte - GoÄ). Special investigations like MRI, CT, X-ray, special Laboratory examination must be calculated separately. The same applies to any surgical procedures. At the end of the treatment the patient receives a detailed calculation where all services, drugs etc. are listed in a detailed invoice.

3. Specific prostate treatment:

In a one-week therapy with double transurethral oncothermia (prostate hyperthermia) and additional general immunstimulating measures under the inpatient treatment the costs are between € 6,000 and 6,500 €.

Which medical insurances will cover the costs for your stay at our clinic?

Accommodation, care and treatments in our clinic are generally fully covered by all private medical insurances.
Statutory insurance companies including private medical insurances may however not cover the costs, although in our experience this is not precluded. It is therefore important to insist on a decision per individual case, with the support of your general practitioner and medical specialists. We will gladly assist in this matter by means of providing attestations and expert reports. 

In any event, we recommend that you inform your medical insurance in time prior to your initial treatment and all subsequent treatments at our clinic, irrespective of whether you are insured privately, optionally or compulsorily.


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